Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 7izzle- August 12

Nimen Hao! 

Well this week starts week 8! shenme dong dong? (lol that means what the heck in chinese) 

Well this week was up and down and up and down and all around. Here are some highlights... 

We got new missionaries this week! They are so cute. We got 3 new sisters in our zone going to Taipei. they rock! its weird though, looking at them I am so reminded of myself when I was a new missionary. And the funny thing is they think our (the oldest generation) Chinese is incredible. Oh little do they know, we still speak with kindergarten gospel vocabulary. Its funny though cuz I thought the same about our older generation. 

We lost an amazing teacher this week.....no she didn't die....but it feels like she did. Wen Lao Shi had to start a new job as an English teacher at a middle school this week, so last week was our last lesson with her. The missionary-teacher relationship is so incredible and close. They literally spend EVERY DAY with you, talking about the gospel, Chinese, seeing every good and bad side of you possible. They know you very, very well. And Wen Lao Shi is an inspirational person. She is honestly the best teacher I've ever had. She always knows exactly what to say to me to make me feel better. She is so close to the Spirit that a lot of the answers to my prayers come through her. I will miss that. In our last class we all read from Alma 26 as a group. Its about Ammon glorifying God and talking about his missionary work. Despite all of the battles and trials--he has amazing reverence for God and such a close relationship. I said, "Sometimes, I feel like I cannot be as close to God as these prophets. They are too perfect." She looked deep into my eyes and said, "Oh missionaries. You all have the exact same opportunities as Ammon did. You all have the same God as Ammon did. You have every, exact right to have the same relationship with God as he did." How right she is. We have the same opportunities as the prophets. She also gave each of us a quote from Elder Holland. Everyone should read it. It gives me so much motivation to know that there are people on the other side of the veil watching over me. On the back of the quote,Wen Lao Shi wrote each of us a personal note too. I will never forget her. 

We love our teachers so much that we pitched in money to buy them these Jade Dragons. They were so surprised! They told us they would sleep with them because they loved them so much. In fact they did...they sent us photos to prove it haha. 

We get them this Friday!!!! AHHHHH. Oh and we get first names in Chinese this week too. In the Chinese culture. First names are very personal and sacred. They say a lot about a person's personality. Wen Lao Shi is going to give us our Chinese names. I am way excited. We will get our Chinese name tags too! 

I was asked on the spot to give a talk in sacrament this week without knowing before and in Chinese. It was also super scary because there was an actual investigator there and the MTC president and his fam!! I know that even though I cannot speak Chinese well...I was able to speak through the language of the Spirit. The investigator came up to me after wards and in broken English (she's from Taiwan) said, "Sister...I can feel your love in my heart. Thank you." I know with all my heart that with the Spirit and love of God...all things are possible. We can speak with the tongue of angels, the Gospel will be taught to everyone in their own language and by their understanding. 

Dad will appreciate this story. The other day I was teaching our investigator about repentance. I was trying to say, "You can go to the bishop and talk to him about your mistakes." The word for bishop in Chinese is "Zhu jiao" (Zhu in 3rd tone and jiao in 4th tone) Well I accidentally said "Zhu jiao"  (Zhu in 4th tone, jiao in 3rd tone). So instead of saying "bishop," I accidentally said, "You can go to the pig's foot and talk to it about your mistakes." Needless to say, the investigator was not willing to do that. 

I told you all that I would send you my new Taiwanese address. The thing is, there is an English address and an address in Chinese characters. I totally forgot to ask my teacher which one you all need to use. So for now, if your letters will get to the Provo MTC before Aug 27, keep using the MTC address. I will get back to you when I know for sure which address everyone is supposed to use. We'll probably find out on Friday when we get our travel plans. 

Okay, gotta go. I think we are going to have an apostle come talk to us tomorrow because at MTC choir yesterday they said that it was going to be broadcasted to the other MTCs because someone important would be speaking. AHHHHH I'll take good notes for you all. 

Okay, gotta go. Wo ai nimen! 

Zhong Jie Mei

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