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Food, too much glorious food... September 30

Hey all! 
Mom I got your package!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Your package made my life this week haha. I have been holding onto the peanut butter dearly because I want to save as much as possible.

American Snacks from MOM!

We have had way too much food this week. It is nuts, the Taiwanese are far too generous when it comes to food. it's just a cultural thing. Even people we contact give us mucho food...its nuts! And you have to eat it in front of them or else it's considered rude. My tummy is going to explode. Oh and a ward member went to Costco and bought us chocolate chip muffins which I am stoked about but at the same time I'm like..."Shoot I'm going to gain 20 lbs from these." #taiwanmishlife #mishlifeingeneral? 

Costco Muffins!

So this week was special because I went to the Taiwan temple and got to give temple tours! We did mini exchanges with the temple sisters which was super awesome. And I went on an exchange with a native and the elders brought over an English speaking investigator so my temporary companion was like, "Since you know English better, how about you lead the tour?" Okay! It was awesome! Also, it was really, really weird teaching in English haha, I was tripping over some words..not a good sign. But it was cool, we ended up getting a referral from him and he's super interested in the Church. The temple is truly a special place. 
This week was also special because we got to go to a trainer/trainee meeting in Jin Hua and I got to see all of my MTC friends! it was so nice to talk to them all and realize that I am not the only one going through the stuff I am going through. I miss them all so much. I love my generation. There are some really special people in this mission. 

My Companion Sister Barden!

Funny things from this week: 
1. At district meeting someone brought all this fruit and I was starving so I ate a bunch. After doing so my district leader told me that the fruit I was eating was a crazy intense yeah that was interesting hahahah 
2. An investigator was wearing a face mask (when Asians are sick they wear's totally normal) so I tried to ask, "Are you sick?" "Ni you bing ma?" and she started laughing and walked away. "That's weird." I thought. Then a member pulled me aside and said, "Ni you bing ma translates to 'are you sick in the head?' like an insult." Yes...this is how I treat our investigators hahah great. 
3. When teaching the Plan of Salvation, I accidentally said, "In the Spirit World we wait until God gives us temptation." (I meant to say resurrection) The investigator was super confused for the rest of the lesson and it took us like 5 minutes to realize that I said the wrong word hahahaha. 
We met a lot of cool people this week. One was a lady we contacted on the way to a LA's house. We asked her about Jesus Christ and she started tearing up and telling us how he saved her life when she was at her lowest point in life. She said she was on the internet seeking help and she found and watched some Bible videos and they brought her peace. She was really cool. I hope we can meet with her really soon. Yesterday I was also able to hang out with a lot of the ward missionaries/young adults in our ward. We went to an FHE activity with them. They are so neat because all of them are converts who overcame a lot of trials and family opposition just to join the church. A lot of them ended up living with each other or with ward members because their parents kicked them out of the house. Some of them brought their families into the Church. They all have a deep desire to be missionaries. Ahhh so amazing. I will never forget these people. 

Lastly, remember how I told you a few weeks ago we contacted these Indians on the harbor? Well, we finally met with them! We we went into the appointment thinking they were Christian  because one of them said they were...but it turns out they weren' all. I think one lady's mom is a Christian but that's about it. They were super super Hindu and had no interest in our message haha. But it's all good. We learned some amazing things about their cultures and we shared about our culture. We ate amazing Indian food on the ground and ate with our hands and everything. They showed us pictures from their wedding. It was an arranged marriage and they told us about all the customs and symbols. Some of the things were a lot like our traditions. They were very very cool people. It really opened my eyes to how beautiful and diverse this world is. They said if I ever go to India they would show us around. Cool! 
I am learning that I have a lot of weaknesses. The mission literally tries every part of you: emotional, spiritual, physical, social, intellectual, it's really nuts. Some things I thought I was really good at..turns out I am not as good as I thought. It's been getting me down a lot lately -  feeling super inadequate. But when I did temple tours this week, my temporary companion said something very very inspired. "When Heavenly Father shows us our weaknesses, He shows us the personal path we need to take in order to return to Him." I like this. It reminds me that I need to take this as a learning opportunity. It shows me that Heavenly Father loves me so much that He is wanting me to use His Son's Atonement to strengthen myself. I think of my mission scripture, Ether 12:27. I know that if I take these moments of doubt as a learning opportunity, I can transform my inadequacy into times of growth. Now this is easier said than done but I am trying really hard. Heavenly Father loves His children so much. 

Well, until next week! I love you all! 
Sister Tracy

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