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Miracles Miracles Miracles- October 7

Hey nimen hao! 
Riding bikes through a typhoon is fun, HA!
Hope everyone is doing great and had a beautiful conference weekend (or is still having...I guess technically you are all watching conference right now) I didn't get to see conference yet. I will be able to see it in two weekends once they ship the Chinese translation over here. And hopefully they will ship the English one over here too. Still not for sure...I might end up attempting to watch it Chinese...oh well, haha. 
Well this week was FULL of mini miracles. Really hard week but really great. Here are a few things: 
Miracle #1: This last Tuesday we taught a lady named Zhuang Jei Mei. She is about 60 and she is Christian. She is a referral from her daughter who we met on PDay. We taught her the plan of salvation. I don't know why but I had a huge impression to talk about Michelle. So I did. I told her that I had a sister in heaven and that at first to my family life seemed really unfair. But this plan makes life totally and completely fair. It helps us make and keep sacred and eternal goals. Now, keep in mind, I explained this in broken Chinese so I don't know if it really came out this way, but it must had made some impact because the Spirit was so strong and Xhuang Jei Mei reached over and touched my shoulder and smiled and said "thank you." This small moment was a real big miracle for me. 
Miracle #2: I met a really cute mother at the hospital, Zhou Mama. She reminded me of an Asian version of Sarah Fryer ha-ha! She even had a little boy who looked like an Asian version of Saxon, crazayyy! Anyways, I talked to her for awhile and found out that she was interested in finding a new church because she had no special feelings about her parents' church. I told her about some principles of God and family. Family especially stuck out to her. The whole time talking to her, I just imagined her in temple clothes with her family. It was beautiful. I had never attempted to ask for someone's number before but I just went ahead and asked and she said yes! So hopefully, we can meet with her soon or somewhere down the road she comes unto Christ. 
Miracle #3: We have an investigator Yan Jie Mei. She is 15 and under a lot of pressure and stress because her parents are crazy strict and making her take all these tests and exams and stuff (this is actually a super common problem in Taiwan). We met with her one night right before English class and asked if she wanted a priesthood blessing from the Elders. She was really resistant at first but we made a list of the trials she had right now and it was a big list so we finally said, "Okay you need this." The Elders came in and blessed her. The blessing was very sweet and simple. Afterwards she sat there--stunned. We asked her if she was okay. She said, "I haven't felt the Holy Ghost like this in awhile. It's real. I feel so peaceful right now." She said the sweetest closing prayer afterwards, thanking Heavenly Father for sending the priesthood to this earth. What a miracle that we have Christ's authority on the earth today. 
Miracle #4: This week was really hard for me. Just lots of things are hard about this mission. It all added up to me feeling like all my weaknesses were lying on the table and that I was super inadequate for missionary work. I swear my companion was inspired to give me this Liahona Priesthood session talk by Elder Eyring called, "Preparation in the Priesthood: I Need Your Help." I need to read/watch priesthood talks more often. It answered every worry I had at the moment. I encourage everyone reading this to Google it right now. Especially if you are feeling like a huge noob at something like I was. It was about how Heavenly Father really prepares us to magnify our callings. I can't even fathom that Elder Eyring felt the same way I did as a youth...he's the most accomplished person ever! I am so thankful for the example of prophets and apostles. Their lives are miracles and the way they inspire others, young timid silly sister missionaries included, is a miracle. 

Miracle #5: Last Saturday Sister Barden and I were contacting at the harbor. We were off - really frustrated at the little things. We decided to sit down for a few minutes and just pray privately and then together. In my prayer I asked Heavenly Father, "Please, just one miracle, help us see at least one teeny tiny miracle tonight." Afterwards we stood up and I felt like we should walk towards the bus stop. So we started walking and we saw this girl sitting by herself. We sat with her and began talking casual then talking about the Gospel. We talked about prayer and showed her Alma 37:37 and then gave her a Book of Mormon. We asked her to say a prayer and her prayer was BOMB--she sounded like a member. She said, "Thank you, this is a miracle." We asked her if she usually had time on Sunday mornings. Her response was something I haven't heard a single Taiwanese person say before, "Yes, I usually do have time on Sunday mornings." WHATTTTTT? Oh man miracle miracle miracle. 

Miracle #6: Highlight of my week. On Saturday, one of our "eternal investigators" Zhen Yu, was supposed to get baptized. It was even her birthday. But her father refused to sign her permission form. So she didn't receive baptism. Yesterday during fast and testimony meeting she stood up and bore her testimony. She said last week her father asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She told him, "I want to be baptized." "I don't want you so be baptized." he said. She said she stood up and told him, "Dad, one day I will get baptized. And then I will go on a mission. I will be a missionary. I will serve. I will endure to the end." She then proceeded to talk about how the missionaries were good examples to her and changed her life. She said that we were miracles to her. If you ask me, she is more of a miracle herself than I could ever be. I am so thankful that I am able to know people like this. 
Oh wow, the small happy things are what confirm to me that this work is good. This work is truly the Lord's work, Christ's work. It is not easy, but who said salvation ever was or would be easy? I heard a quote from Elder Holland last week. "We must be prepared to walk the path that the Savior walked. This is how we come to know Him, how we come to be like Him." This really touched me. It's not an easy path. But in the eternal perspective of things, I know it will all be worth it. 

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Love you family and friends :) Till next Pday 
Sister Tracy 

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