Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ni keyi bang wo paizao ma? (Can you help me take a picture?) - November 18

Hey everybody! 

Well the end of this transfer is quickly approaching. This Friday I may have a new area and a new companion. And I will no longer be a trainee! I am a little bit fearful for the future but at the same time I am calm because I know that whatever happens it will be according to God's will because President's decisions are inspired. I have a big testimony about this because I feel that me being here in JiLong is inspired. I have learned beautiful lessons about love, obedience, and the Spirit. I absolutely love the people here. Can't wait to see what else is in store. Life is such a trip, right? Well I took a bunch of pictures for you guys (this being the last week and all) so my email will be brief. But I hope you all enjoy the pictures! Until next week. Jia You! 

This is us with with Wang Yi Ting. She is our awesome new investigator getting baptized in 2 weeks!

This is me and Du Jie Mei with our Less Active--Wang Nai Nai. She is super crazy and passionate! I love her.

This is our investigator Yang Yi Xuan. She took us to a Hot Pot. Her life is so hard, she is literally Job. So faithful, so many hardships. I will never forget her.

This is me and our 11 year old investigator Li Qian Rou. We visit her at her mom's cell phone store every saturday. It is a small area, we have to sit on the floor and teach her. Its really loud and crowded but the spirit is somehow always there really strongly when we teach her. I love this girl!

 Me at the temple. I love this place.

TEMPLE DAY! Day full of miracles. We gave a tour to this 22 year old boy. He was just about to go through the temple for his personal endowment. He's been a member for a year now, only member in his family, been working at a super intense job, all just to go on his mission. He was going through the temple by himself. He told us he was going to Minnesota. My companion is from Minnesota so she was super excited and gave him all these names and answered his questions. As he was leaving he thanked us a lot and said, "I feel a lot more comfortable about whats in store for me. Thank you." I believe we were meant to be at the temple today just for him. What a rock star!

BAPTISM! The Elder's have been teaching this kid for a while now and he finally got baptized. I LOVE HIM. His name is Brock.  He is the little asian brother I never had. 

The Young adults held an FHE activity and invited us to share a message. They made so much yummy food. Soup with a bunch of fish and dumplings. They never stop eating here in Taiwan.

My District wearing our cool new belts at District meeting. We were given a new rule where we have to wear these neon green belts when we ride our bikes down the street. We are just so attacted to them that we never want to take them off!

Night market again. I love walking down these roads. Now that I can understand people better its really funny. People always are like, "Foreigners!" "Whoa look at her skin!" "Her eyes are green!" Once I was walking down and nearly scared a lady to death because I was so much taller than her. Also because I was wearing a red scarf. Red is a really awful color to wear in Taiwan because they always associate it with blood. A color that ghosts like. Yeah ive had to stop wearing red latley because its not good for contacting.

This is Asia alright. This is a famous night market by Li Qian Rou's house.I stick out like a sore thumb here.

JiLong view from the chapel. I will never forget this place.
We had dinner at the Miao Jia Ting and they gave me a shrimp and taught me how to crack it open and eat it. You have to crack off the head, then peel off the  eyes and legs and everything. Sister Miao thought it was so cool that it was my first time doing it so she took a picture. "You're mother will be proud!" she said. Mom, are you?
Love Sister Tracy 

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