Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stuff's getting real- November 11

Good things from this last week: 
--My companion and I went shopping last PDay...yes, we gave in. We are sick of our clothes. It felt so nice to shop!!! even if I did shop at a thrift was still shopping and I was stoked. I bought a shirt and a new skirt. I decided that at the end of every transfer I will reward myself with a gift so this is my gift. Happy birthday to me! 
--I had my interview with President last week. Every 3 months we have interviews with him. It was nothing scary, we pretty much just set goals so that I can be a better missionary. 
I think my Mission President made this quote.  He is the best!

--I extended my first baptismal invite! It was super awkward but its okay because she still said yes because our member present re-explained everything! Yay for members who actually know chinese!
--We have a new rule in the mission. At night, for safety reasons we have to wear these super bright green vests. They are silly looking but I love them. I took a pic of my companion and me wearing them this morning.

--I passed off Phase 1 this week! In the mission we have 3 phases that we need to pass off for language. Phase 1 included a ton of gospel phrases and words and definitions I needed to memorize and a lot of practice teaching. I'm not perfect at it by any means but I still passed it off and I am super relieved. Phase 2 is next and it includes 2000 flash cards I need to memorize. hahah something tells me this phase will take a little longer but I'm going to do my best!
--A member fed us AMAZING food last week. It was this amazing salad. Super cool things were inside like things that grow on trees and then just all this fresh Taiwanese fruit that you can't buy in the states, like dragon fruit and lizi and stuff. The members also gave us more Costco muffins--still haven't finished last week's muffins either haha.
--A man came up to us after a night of contacting and said, "I am looking for Jesus Christ's church. I have heard about you missionaries. I only have 3 minutes but tell me about your church right now." It was nuts!!! I have never taught the 1st lesson faster in my life! (Thank you Chris Fryer for your 2 minute lesson drills). At the end we bore testimony about the Book of Mormon and he said, "I've never heard anything like this before. It hit me hard. Thank you." No thank you mister!
--My companion was asked to help the Primary with the piano for the Primary program. So yesterday at Church I attended Primary. I sat next to our investigator's 4 year old daughter and sang Primary hymns in Chinese. Oh my goodness, it was the most adorable thing of my life. It is so funny how no matter where you go in the world, the Church is always the same. There was the kid who sings at the top of his lungs, the stubborn girl who refuses to stand up and sing or give her talk, the kid that gets so nervous that he cries and runs away, the kid that YELLS in the mic, and the sweet spirit that accompanies these children when they sing "I am a Child of God." I loved it!
Well those are just a few fun things about this past week! This past week has been really hard. The end of this transfer is coming closer and closer. A goal president asks us to set is that by the end of our 2 transfers, the trainees should be ready to train (regardless of whether they get called or not). So this past week my trainer has been giving me more of the responsibility including leading lessons, leading how to get to places (which is really hard to do in Asia when you can't read the characters), leading English class, setting up meetings over the phone, planning out our's all been really really hard. I felt really lame this week because I kept saying to myself and my trainer "I don't know how to do this." Everyone kept telling me let the Spirit guide my actions but honestly I wasn't feeling any guidance at all. I felt like I was just left on my own to do these things. I have read and prayed a lot about the Spirit this week. I have had to remind myself that the Spirit is a subtle feeling. It is a feeling of goodness and if we do not act on it right away it fades. When we immediately act on the Spirit it will keep coming back and we need to keep following and acting on that feeling. The more we act on it, the more it comes back. I made a goal one day that I would never ignore a prompting and soooo much good came out from it! I was able to contact like 50 people in a few hours. This is how the Spirit guides. I am learning more about that every day. At the end of this transfer (NEXT WEEK), I want to feel confident enough that I can do this missionary thing. Gotta keep praying, praying, praying and following the Spirit.

This week we made a bunch of gratitude turkeys with our investigators.
Thats right, we are bringing Thanksgiving to Taiwan!!

Well that's my news for this week!! Till next time I love you alll :) 
Sister Tracy 

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