Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Look to God and live- January 13, 2014

1. Went on exchanges with my new sister training leader, Sister Gruwell, and we had a blast! Also she gave me a lot of great wisdom. I am so impressed with the sisters in this mission. They are too incredible. 
2. Lately our mission prez has been discouraging meeting at the chapel for lessons. At first I was really hesitant to follow this rule cuz I think that it's good for people to be familiar with the chapel. But ever since we made a decision to follow this rule we've seen soooo many miracles. Last Tuesday we had a lovely lesson with an LA at Starbucks. As we were leaving I looked behind me and saw this 30 yr old man reading my favorite book, The Book Thief. I said, "THAT'S MY FAVORITE BOOK!" Then we started talking to him. His name is Young and he is Taiwanese but he grew up in Alabama. We got his number and I called him and we set up to meet with him. I was really really nervous to teach him because it was my turn to lead and teaching in English is not what I am used to so it was scary. But Heavenly Father answered my prayer and the Spirit was there and we had an incredible lesson. He is a modern day Joseph Smith. He is a truth seeker. He was in a car accident a few years ago and he cannot use his left arm. A few of his nerves in his spine were removed. He said he was really depressed about the whole thing. One day he decided to get in his car and hit a tree, just end his life. But he said when he went to the gas station to fill up his car and man came up to him and said, "I don't know why but I feel like I should tell you to stop doing what ever you are doing and tell you that God still wants you to be here." Young decided not to take his life that day. He decided to move to Taiwan for work and he has been investigating a bunch of churches ever since so that he can know more about God. At the end of his story he said looked at me and said, "...and then you found me, and now I am here. listening to this message. Thank you." He is so amazing. I want to keep teaching him but rules are we have to give him to the elders. :( BUT still super cool :) 
The Elders, a ward member and us

3. We were walking to the bus stop and these girls stopped me in the middle of the road and said I had eyes like Miley Cyrus [Father's editorial note: Sister Tracy has been out of the country long enough that she probably doesn't know the path Miley has taken of late]. I invited them to come to church and they came the next day. And we taught them Lesson 1 and now they both have dates. Thank you for giving me my eyes mom ha-ha. 

4. Sister Zippro and I were contacting and she stopped me and said, "I feel guilty for walking past all of those people back there and not saying anything to them." I felt guilty too. I said, "Okay, let's make a goal whenever we contact we will talk to every single person." So that's what we did. And we saw MIRACLES including finding this super golden referral for the elders, praying with girls who just took a really hard test, inviting an old man to baptism, and many many more! 
5. Our baptismal date investigator has a realllllly bad addiction to coffee--well guess what...SHE DIDN'T DRINK COFFEE AT ALL LAST WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! everyone keep praying for her! Her name is Sister Su. 
6. Since we told our investigators about the "no using the chapel" rule they have been more willing to let us visit their houses. And we've been meeting with their family members now...MIRACLES 
7 WE HAD A BAPTISM! Tina is incredible! By the time she got her interview she had obtained a really strong testimony of the Book of Mormon! She is amazing! PRAYER AND FASTING WORKS. Oh and her baptism story is one that I will never forget. The water for the baptism wasn't working. We had a man try to fix it and he said it would take 3 hours to get the water running. We almost had to reschedule. I kept saying prayers in my heart "no no no Heavenly Father, help her to get baptized today, she is so ready." Suddenly a member said, "Wait! I have an idea!" She ran into the kitchen and grabbed every single pot and pan available and said, "Let's use the water from the kitchen sink and fill up the font ourselves! With faith there is a way!" So all of the members lined up in an assembly line and we passed buckets of water to each other until the font was full. It took an hour and a half. It was...a hilarious but successful miracle. One I will never ever forget and will forever be grateful for. 

Team effort!

Still filling the font...

Tina and I

Wonderful Baptism for Tina!

8. I am learning more and more every day that there is nothing in this world that matters more than the Gospel. Therefore, it is worth sacrificing for. I find that the more small things I give up for this work, the more miracles I see, and the happier I am. There is a scripture I found in my studies this week at the end of Alma 37 that says, "Look to God and live." I've kind of made that my motto for this transfer...perhaps my whole mission. Just give up your wants and desires and trust that Heavenly Father knows best. There is no need for worry; there is no need for fear, He is the great Provider. Look to Him and live. It is a happy life indeed.
More to come next week. I took lots of pictures. 

Crazy Suspension Bridge!

Sister Tracy 

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