Monday, January 6, 2014

Transfer #4 results are in!- January 5, 2014

WELLLLLL here are the results for this next transfer....are you ready????????????? 

STILL here in Jilong, with the same companion too. Yep, JiLong is not ready for me or Sister Zippro to leave yet. I am actually super relieved that I did not move. I love JiLong too much! We have seen a lot of miracles lately and I am just not willing to pack up and leave in the middle of a slew of miracles like this. Thank goodness Heavenly Father is merciful this transfer and let me stay. :) Here are some amazing things that have happened in the past week. 

1. It became 2014! It still really throws me off that it is 2014...or January for that matter. Idk. I guess it's cuz I wasn't allowed to stay up late this year ha-ha. Also, on New Years Eve there was a huge concert going on right outside our window. I think Beyonce was in Taiwan or something because they were BLASTING Beyonce music. It was crazy too because I slept through the whole thing. My comp didn't get any sleep. She told me it was super crazy that I was out for the whole thing cuz it was super loud. I have gotten the best sleep of my life here on the mission. Which I believe is good because it means I've been working hard right? #stillasloth 
2. I got the package from the Hsu family. THANK YOU. CHOCOLATE AND NUTELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the nutella is almost gone by the way) I've eaten a banana nutella pb and j sandwich everyday for the past week. 
3. Also I got Nicole Carlston's package. THANK YOU. The scarf is BEAUTIFUL and I really appreciate everything you do to support me :) thanks!!!! 
4. We had a scary experience this week. Last week a former came to the chapel after English class and asked if she could read the Book of Mormon with us at a member's house. We told her "Why yes, of course we can." So last Tuesday we took the train over to a member's house and had a lesson with her. I noticed that as we were taking the train she snuck on with me without paying. I told my comp and we just kind of ignored it. At the members house we had a nice lesson. Invited her to baptism and everything. After the lesson we got on the train and she tried to sneak on but the guard caught her. Since we were running late for an appointment I just really quickly paid for her and we got on. When we got back to JiLong she said, "I need 5 kuai to ride the bus." I told her "I'm really sorry but it's a rule for missionaries that I am really not supposed to give other people money." She started yelling at me and yelling and yelling. My comp and I tried everything to help her. We offered to say a prayer, give her snacks she could sell to get money. She kept staring at my bag like she was going to grab it. I suddenly felt a huge impression--run. I jumped back and my comp and I took off running. We got to the chapel and told our MM leader what happened and he stayed with us and walked us home to make sure we were still safe that night. Later this week we found a sign in our apartment. (I will send you the pic). Basically a warning to stay away from a former investigator who fit the description of this lady. SCARY. But thank goodness the Lord was there to protect us. Thank goodness we have the chapel as a sanctuary. 

5. We had a MIRACLE BREAKTHROUGH with an investigator. We call her Wu Mama. She is this 60-year-old lady who LOVES coming to church. We have been meeting with her for a while now. The problem with teaching her is that she thinks she is too slow to understand anything we are teaching her. She gives up really easily and refuses to pray out loud. This last week we invited her to come to the temple with us. We gave her a tour and showed her a bunch of portraits of Christ. She was still doubting her understanding a ton and it was becoming frustrating but I had the impression to go into the chapel and sing a song to her. So we did that. We sang "I am a child of God." Afterwards, we sat with her and started talking to her about prayer. She kept saying, "I cant do it..." then there was a pause. I asked her, "How do you feel in this room?" "Peaceful."...we sat there in silence together a little longer. Suddenly..she said "I like this feeling. I think I can pray.." And then she just started to do it! SHE PRAYED. And it was beautiful!!!! It was the most powerful prayer I've ever heard in my life. It was only 3 sentences long. It was simple and sweet but because the spirit was was POWERFUL. At the end of her prayer, Sister Zippro and I were crying and Wu Mama was like, "Oh no, was my prayer really that bad?" "NO NO NO IT WAS AMAZING THESE ARE HAPPY TEARS!" hahaha. AHHHHHH sooooo happy! This is what its all about! It reminded me of that scripture in 2 Nephi 32:8-9 about how the Spirit teaches a man to pray. That rings truer to me now more than ever. 
6. We have an investigator with a baptismal date and she rocks but she can't come to church for another 2 months because she works for the yellow duck festival. Sister Zippro and I prayed a lot that she would be able to come to church. Well....I think Heavenly Father answered our prayers in the funniest way ever because this last Tuesday...the duck BLEW UP. SUPER RANDOM. I called our investigator right after we watched it explode. She said, "Well...looks like I can come to church now." 

 Duck Exploded!

7. We have a baptism this week! This Saturday! It's with a referral named Tina. She is 20 and her English rocks. I love her! She has so much faith and its seriously been such a pleasure to see her faith build and build. She recognized God's hand in the little day-to-day, hour-to-hour moments of her life. Pictures to come next week! :) 

Until next week, 
Sister Tracy 

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