Monday, December 22, 2014

(next to last edition): Miracles! - December 22, 2014


So not much time to email today. I basically just spent most of this time uploading pictures from last week. I made it a goal to take more thats what I did! Yay for attaining goals! (Beware- LOTS of pictures!)

But some highlights you can find from these photos/this past week:
-We had our Ward party (HUGE SUCCESS!) A ton of LAs, RCs, Investigators, Members all came!
-I learned how to make sushi and dumplings

-We went to a Disney Exhibit for Pday and it was amazing

-Sister Wu found a GIANT worm in her dinner...all she had to say about it was "Well, Taiwan uses really strong fertilizer...not bad." then kept eating! hahhaha Epic! I love her. 

-I taught a bunch of Asian children how to do the hokey pokey


Lastly, thank you for praying for Sister Ke.. unfortunately, she didnt pass her interview. She still has a small concern that needs to be resolved. I probably will not be here when she gets baptized...But I know one day, she will be baptized. After her interview, that same night, I was in my room saying my night time prayer and I just had a really strong impression..."Dont worry, she will be baptized. The Lord is proud of you for helping her." It was probably the strongest impression Ive had on my whole mission. I know I know I know it will happen! 

It is such a privaledge to serve here in Xin Dian. We see miracles every day. Miracles really do happen every day. We just have to be alert enough and know how the Spirit speaks to us in order to find them. 

Love you all! Look for the miracles this week!

And have a Merry Christmas!

Sister Tracy

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