Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Changing of the Hearts- December 16

This week was nuts. And I forgot to bring my journal again so I am just going to list off random things that come into my mind: 

We three kings of Orient-are

1. It is flooding here in Jilong.   

2. The ward had its annual Christmas Party last Saturday! SO much fun! and an amazing turn out as well! We met so many new people! Also a lot of our investigators came! And so many LAs came as well. It was really great to see them all. AND THERE WAS SO MUCH FOOD. Somebody found out that my favorite cake is carrot cake and made it and brought it!!!! And the Taiwanese LOVED it. They usually make fun of me and think that the American food I like is weird but they said to me, "okay, fine this is really good." HA. There were a lot of games and candy. I played this one game where you have to turn over two cards and get them to match. If you win you get candy, if you fail, you have to take a sip of this really really nasty bitter tea. IT WAS SO NASTY. It tasted like really bitter cough syrup. I accidentally spit all over our 2nd counselor. It's okay though. He lol'd. Our bishop also dressed up as Santa and if you were under 18 years old he gave you a present of all these goodies. A mother from our ward pushed me towards the front and said, "Sister Tracy is 18 give her a gift!" Everyone in my ward was like "oh yeah you are so lucky!" I was going to say "uhh what...I am 19..." but then I saw that my present was a kaleidoscope so I decided not to say anything. I like kaleidoscopes. 

Christmas Party!

Bishop Pan as Santa

New convert, Brock

3. My comp and I gave a 20 minute training at district training about "Faith." It went really well. I am proud to call Sister Zippro my companion. She is the most faithful person I know.

4. I bought hipster glasses...I am getting really bored with my outfits so I decided to switch things up a bit. I tell everyone that I am representing Seattle with these glasses. So now everyone in JiLong thinks everyone in Seattle wears thrift shop grandma glasses with no lenses...which is maybe kinda true...but not really...but maybe.
These are NOT my Hipster Glasses

5. I think maybe we killed all of the cockroaches in our apartment!
6. I went on a fun exchange to Tucheng and got to sleep in their super nice apartment. :)
7. We have another Christmas baptism! Our investigator, Sister Sun, is getting baptized on Christmas and we are so excited for her! She is from Indonesia and Chinese is her second language. She knows less Chinese than we do and it's really hard to communicate. But the Spirit is there and her faith is building. And we love her and are so excited for her :) 

Sis Zippro, Sun JM, and I

8. Yesterday we went to an activity in Taipei. The English ward put on a huge production of the Nativity. They had all of these people singing and they got a pony for Mary to ride on and everything! People came from all over. We gave free tours after the production and it was the most incredible thing. People felt the Spirit so strongly. Christ has such an influence on Taiwan right now. The other cool thing was that a lot of the people we gave tours to are from China. They are going to go back to China and get baptized. Lots of great things are happening in Asia right now. The work is hastening.  
9. We had a special sister temple training meeting on Wednesday and I saw my trainer and all of my other MTC sista friends! and I ate pbandj and NUTELLA. Somebody please send me NUTELLA!!!
10. We had a special missionary fireside last Saturday. Elder Packer (Apostle Packer's son) from the 70 came to speak to us. It was a really incredible experience. We all stood up and got to shake his hand. A lot of the fireside was centered around family history work. One of his counselors gave a really great demonstration that I really enjoyed. He had everyone take a minute to think about one of the most precious experiences we have had in the past with a family member. Then he had us turn to our companion and share that experience with each other. He afterwards asked us to share how we felt while we were listening to our companion share that story. "Love" "The Spirit" "Happy"..he then read Malachi about the spirit of Elijah and explained that these feelings we felt when hearing about and thinking about family is the spirit of Elijah, he explained that this spirit will change the hearts of our investigators. It will literally draw them to the Gospel because they will have a yearning to understand their earthly families and their heavenly families. The whole time I was thinking about our investigators. SO many of them are ready to be baptized, but the thing that is keeping them from baptism is family opposition. I had a real big impression that the way to get our investigators closer to baptism is through the spirit of Elijah. It's through loving their families more and expressing that love more frequently. Changing their hearts through this special Spirit in the home. I used to view their family members in a bit of a negative light, but suddenly I felt like, "they are God's children too." They need to feel the Spirit too, and they can feel this through our investigators inviting the Spirit in their own homes. This past week we had incredible lessons with our investigators to help them learn how to invite the Spirit in their homes and to express love to their families more often. We had them do the same activity that Elder Packer's assistant did to us. Everyone has a story, a story of love at home, no matter how mad at their family members they might be for whatever reason, they have a story. And when they are reminded of that, the Spirit will fill their hearts, it will change them. I know this because I saw it in them and I saw it in myself. I love my family. I am so thankful that I can be with them for eternity despite any challenges or trials that we have had in the past. I am so thankful that I am here helping others discover that truth as well.
This week, especially with Christmas approaching, I invite you all to do this activity with a family member or friend. Invite the spirit of Elijah in your own homes. 

We found a Christmas tree!
Well that's all that I can remember right now. The work is going along great. It's certainly not a smooth ride but it's still moving along. I love you all!
Sister Tracy 

SHENG DAN JIE KUAI LE! (Merry christmas!)

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