Monday, December 30, 2013

tai leng tai leng- December 30

t was so good to see my family's faces last week :) YAY! So glad you guys had a lovely Christmas. :) Though I have to admit. I was really homesick after talking to you guys, I understand why they have so many rules about not communicating with family or friends too much. It really distracted from my work. But I'm still glad that I was able to talk to you guys! It was really great! And Shu Mama got a kick out of speaking English to you all haha. 
Skyping with my family

Email today is going to be super short because Sister Zippro and I want to go to Jin Hua Jie and watch the Christmas choir. 
But last week was great cuz we had a baptism! It was a baptism to never forget... 

1. The water was started at 4pm (2 hours before the baptism) but when Sun Jie Mei and her husband showed up at 5pm the husband felt the water and said, "TAI LENG TAI LENG! GAI BIAN SHUI, WO BU RANG WO TAITAI ZAI NAME LENG SHUI SHOU XI!" (the water is too cold, fix it) Soooo we had to restart the water. So everyone had to sit around for another hour and a half for the baptism to start. lol 
2. They asked me to play the piano.......nuff said 
3. Sun Jie Mei forgot a change of clothes so I gave her some of my clothes that I left at the chapel to wear and they totally did not fit her haha. 
4. People forgot to prepare talks so I did an impromptu talk. 
5. The food we bought got cockroach infested. 
hahaha it was super chaotic! 
But all and all, it was a great service. Sun Jie Mei bore testimony and that she was baptized before in Indonesia, but this time, the feeling was different. She had a bright feeling in her heart. She looked at me and Sister Zippro and started to choke up. She said, "Missionaries bring the spirit into my home and I will never forget them." It's moments like that where I am reminded why the mission is worth it. 
Sun Jie Mei and her husband
esterday was a great day because we had SOOOO many people at church! It was beautiful! I was so excited for them. They loved church! And the members totally fellowshiped the heck out of them. PEOPLE AT HOME. WHEN MISSIONARIES BRING INVESTIGATORS TO CHURCH YOU NEED TO FELLOWSHIP THE HECK OUT OF THEM. It is so important!!!!! the missionaries will also love you forever if you do! 
We also had FHE activities with the young adults. They are so fun. I love them. We ate so much yummy food. no fried squid though. darnnnnnn 

Here they are- My hipster grandma glasses.

k this is a short email sorry gotta go. 
ahhhhhh also this week is transfer meeting. I start my 4th transfer.....what the heck? That means I only have 7 transfers left--and then im done. NOOOOOOOOOOO 

This says Sister Clock because "Sister Tracy" does not translate in Mandarin

 Sister Clock

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