Monday, February 10, 2014

AND THE APOSTLE IS..................- February 10, 2014

Hello family and friends!!!! 
Amazing week! 
#1 first and foremost: 
You guys have no idea how excited I am! I get to sit near Elder Holland next Saturday and shake his hand and everything! I am super duper oober stoked. I legitimately prayed that the apostle would be him. Best birthday present ever! 
#2 I survived guo nian! 7 meals later and I am still okay. Telling everyone I was a vegetarian saved my life because they didn't give me oober amounts of food. Instead, they force fed the elders lol. 

Our investigator's family and us at guo nian

#3 The duck is FINALLY GONE
#4 I have decided that Taro is my new favorite vegetable. Not only is it my favorite color--Purple--but they have a lot of yummy desserts here made from Taro and it's amazing. I've also decided that I want a Taro cake for my wedding.
#5 Sister Zippro and I are seriously Nephites. On Monday we went to this investigator's house and had guo nian dinner. We planned on sharing Lesson 2 with her and her parents--turned out her entire extended family was there and they were all drinking beer and laughing at us. I was super duper intimidated at first. Then I said a prayer and looked and Sister Zippro and she said, "Let's sing." So we asked if we could sing a hymn for them. We sang, Lead Kindly Light. Then we just stood in front of them all and started teaching and testifying about the plan of salvation. We got laughed at and made fun of. We asked our investigator to read from 3 Nephi for us. She took the scriptures and started reading them out loud jokingly, then as she kept reading she got a little more serious and started to get quieter. The Spirit really entered the room. She started reading about Christ preaching to the people in the Americas and when she handed the scriptures back to us she said, "Hey, this is really cool." When we left the house she walked with us to the bus stop and apologized and said, "Thank you for sharing that. I feel good about your message." Though the rest of the family still thought we were really weird we still went forward like Nephi or Abinadi or Ammon and just preached anyways, and we ended up affecting someone. It was a real life Book of Mormon Story!
#6 We had some amazing miracle investigators come out of nowhere and set baptismal dates:

A. Jian Grandpa. We contacted him a month ago at a train station. He is this extremely old man who has been a Christian for 50 years. He speaks Taiwanese more than Chinese and he's basically deaf. It's really hard to communicate with him but we managed to invite him to a baptism. He came! Then he invited us to come to his house. So we did! And we brought a few of the members from our own ward to help us teach the lesson. Basically the lesson went like this--we taught a principle, he wouldn't hear us, the member would reteach whatever we just said only say it in Taiwanese. Then he would understand. Haha. This was basically the whole lesson. But here was the miracle. When I recited the Joseph Smith's first vision he looked at me the whole time and smiled. When I finished the member asked him, "do you need translation?" Jian Grandpa said, "No I understand. I know what she is saying is true." The Spirit really does speak to all. And there is a real power behind the words of Joseph Smith.

B. Chen Mei Fang: a former investigator who called me randomly and knew my name and asked to meet with us. She met with us last week and said, "I want to be baptized. God has healed my mother from cancer. This is something I have been praying about recently and it miraculously happened. I know I need to baptized now." "Uh...okay!" So now she has a date set and she is soooo incredible!

C. Lai Jie Mei: She was a referral from our Sister Training leaders. I literally met her two days ago. She is a Taiwanese girl version of Joseph Smith. She has been looking for truth her whole life. The day before she met the missionaries she read James 1:5-6--just like Joseph Smith...she said a prayer that she would find the truth. Then she met the missionaries and they taught her about the restoration. She knew Heavenly Father had led her to truth. She is getting baptized next week...
#7 I really really really don't want to leave JiLong. I love these people way too much. And I love my companion. We are in the middle of all of these miracles and there's a chance one of us will leave soon. This Wednesday night we'll know for sure what's gonna happen. I have a feeling I am going to move really far away. I don't want tooooooooo.

#8 I had a really sad moment the other day. I realized that in 2 weeks I will be halfway done with my mission. How can that possibly be? I just got here. I have so much more to learn! I haven't accomplished as much as I want to! This is a real motivator to work harder and love every day more and more. This is the most miraculous time of my life.
#9 Also, I turn 20 next week....what the heck!!...ADULT STATUS

Went bowling last P-day! Classic.

#10 I love you all
Till next time! This Sister Clock needs to get tick tockin!
Sister Tracy 

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