Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!! (Chinese style)- January 3, 2014

Hey there family and friends! 
Happy New Year!!!!! Yes it is finally here, Chinese New Year. (Guo nian) Lately life has been crazy. This past week was full of challanges. Especially since during guo nian people are extremely busy. Its been nearly impossible to meet with anyone. All of our investigators are out of town or have too many family activities. Which is fine because family comes first but at the same time its extrememly inconvienient for us missionaries. 

Happy Guo nian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!

An old lady gave us a present, 1000 year egg...i ate a little. NASTY

Some things from this week:

~To help us out (since all food places are pretty much closed down) the members made a calendar to feed us missionaries for the week. This is extremely kind but at the same time extremely difficult because the Chinese love love love to feed us. So much that they force feed you. They will put all this food in your bowl without even asking, they just want you to keep eating and eating and eating ha-ha. I have found a solution to this though. The trick is to just eat extremely slow and tell everyone that you are a vegetarian. Because most of the food is heavy things of meat and fish and stuff. But if you say "bu hao yi si wo shi chi su de ren." (sorry, I'm a vegetarian) they go a little easier on you. That's the only way I've been able to survive so far. Also the elders help us eat the food. I feel bad for them sometimes though because they get force fed like crazy. Last dinner we had the member put a huge slab of cinnamon roll on this elder's plate (and when people put the food on your plate/bowl you have to eat the whole thing or else its impolite) It was like as big as his head. He ate the whole thing! so sad ha-ha.

~We've had cool opportunities teaching member's family members who are not members. Because during guonian the whole family gets together. So we've been able to introduce the Book of Mormon to a lot of people and it's been really cool.

~Oh yeah and I bought a ukelele because I miss music. I hope that's okay... it's pretty! I named it Tina. (After one of our Rcs)

~Today we cleaned the apartment and I killed an entire nest of cockroaches that I found living behind the sink. Talk about ghetto. I think I killed about 50 of them.

~President Day asked me to conduct the music for Mission Conference on February 22. And guess what--an Apostle and 70 are coming. Pres Day said that I would be able to sit really close to them! I'm so excited!!

~We had a cool experience the other day. We visited our Ward mission leader's home and taught his mom (an LA) His older brother who is not a member was also there. We shared a message about sacrament. We asked the older brother to join us and at first he was like, "I wanna watch Spongebob" but eventually he sat with us and listened to our message. I handed him a Book of Mormon and asked him to read 3 Nephi 18 with us. As he helped us read out loud he started to get a little more involved in the lesson and asking us questions and stuff. He eventually said, "I want to go to Church but I smoke and can't stop." We told him that through Christ we are able to make any changes in our life. "Really..? That's kind of cool," he said. He is our new investigator now!

~I gave a talk in Sacrament yesterday on sacrament. I invite everyone to read 3 Nephi 18--look at the blessings. Through sacrament we are promised to be spiritually filled, we are promised to be protected from evil influences, we are promised to have a strong foundation. Aren't those things that we want? Let's not forget these beautiful promises that Heavenly Father is dying to give us because He just loves us that much. Everyone go to church! And pray that the people in Taiwan will go to church as well :)

Love you all! Transfers are next week. Any guesses what will happen to me? 

My best friend Cora leaving for winter break :(

my shoes finally died

Sister Tracy 

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