Sunday, March 2, 2014

I love it!- March 3, 2014

I don't have a lot of time to write this week. Today a member is taking us to Taroko Park! It's the most famous National Park in Taiwan and I am super duper STOKED. I'll have to make up this short email with the awesome pictures I am going to take today. 

Just thought I would share this special experience I had this last week. A few weeks ago we miraculously bumped into this girl from Arequipa, Peru (Kohler!) named Carla. She speaks Spanish and really good English and she is here for an exchange program learning Chinese (super duper smart girl) We found out she was Catholic but she had interest in talking to us about the Church. It took 4 different times to finally meet up with her at her house (1 time hopping her fence and trying to knock on her door) because her host family's house is super fenced up and impossible to knock ha-ha. But we FINALLY just showed up at her house when the gate was open and miraculously we had a member with us who could speak English. We knocked on her door and she came outside on her porch to talk to us. She was super stressed cuz she was preparing for this huge speech for school. We told her, "We know you're really busy but we need to share this message with you." She said we could if we were short. We began teaching Lesson 1 and it was the most powerful thing of my life. The spirit was overwhelmingly strong. When we were done teaching about Joseph Smith and modern day prophets and the Book of Mormon we asked her if she believed what we had just taught her was true and she said, "Yes, I believe and I want to know more." In her prayer at the end she said "I am thankful Heavenly Father that you sent these sisters here. I have been distant from you for a long time but I don't want to be far anymore. I know their message is true. I feel so peaceful now. I can go back inside and feel peaceful. Thank you thank you for sending these girls."
It's moments like these where I remember why I am here. I love this work so much. I love it I love it I love it. :)
Sister Tracy 

Adventures from last p-day!   

So Beautiful!

Look at this leaf!

Sis Johansen leading us with her "spider stick" to kill all the spiders in the way.

My Future home in the woods? i think yes. i want to retire here

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