Monday, March 31, 2014

Build a stake here- March 31, 2014

Wow, lots lots lots happened this last week...I don't even know where to begin.

Well first off: My baby is here! I am training Sister Williams, a very sweet 21 year old girl from West Jordan Utah. She goes to BYU studying Neuroscience. (aka genius) She is SOOOOOOO awesome! I could have not asked for a better trainee. She is so sweet and humble and willing to learn. She is really worried about the language but that's normal, she'll be fine! Training is a different experience. I lead everything now--places we go, schedule, lessons, setting up, phones...but it's okay! Sister Williams is a fast learner so she'll get there soon. Plus I don't feel all that stressed out...I think it's because we have the spirit in our companionship. :) It's really nice. 

Second: DENG KAI SHENG GOT BAPTIZED. Awww man he is a miracle. We barely made it back in time for his baptism! It was a miracle. We accidentally took the wrong train after picking up Sister Williams from Taipei. The baptism started at 7 and we weren't going to be back until like 6:50 and we had to bike her luggage over and everything. God wanted us to be at that baptism though so we got there right on time. Deng di xiong is cool and he is going to get the priesthood and be amazing. He is our miracle. 

Third: Since we were in Taipei all week and trying to get Sister Williams' dong xi together we didn't have a lot of contacting time. We were biking to the train station to pick up Sister Williams' bike and I had this tiny tiny feeling to talk to a boy washing his scooter across the street. At first I thought, "nah we need to get this bike." but then I remember something I read to Sister Williams during training. Some scripture about following the tiniest of promptings. If it weren't for that scripture I wouldn't have stopped. I said, "Yo, Sister Williams let's go talk to this guy about baptism." So we got off our bikes and walked up to him. I started with, "I don't know why but I felt like I should talk to you..." then we kept going and talijhng about the gospel. Turns out he was totally prepared to set a baptismal date right there on the street! It was a miracle! FOLLOW THE SPIRIT.
Fourth: English class was bomb. We had a Harry Potter party and we made coke explode with mentos as a "Potions class." The Taiwanese thought it was the funniest thing ever. Especially because it got all over my skirt. lol 

Ji An is doing really great. I love this place, I love my companion, I love this work. 

Please Pray for:
Sister Williams and me to find a family to introduce to the gospel.
Sister Williams to not be nervous about the language.
Sister Williams and me to bring back 2 LA Melchezidek priesthood holders.
We need to build a stake here!
Love you all,
Sister Tracy 

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