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What I love about being a missionary- March 10, 20114

Nimen hao! 
Stuff is good! Not anything super special to report other than I did a lot of exploring this week and had a lot of fun and we have a lot of amazing people getting ready for baptism! 
This last week my comp and I got really sad cuz I officially hit my 1/2 mark and she hit her year mark we made this list and it made us feel better. Thought I would share it with you all: 
Things I love about being a missionary 
~Learning to put others before yourself--but actually... 
~The satisfying feeling at the end of every day 
~Victory bike rides home 

~Developing a skill (especially Chinese) every single day 
~Eating whatever I want for meals 
~No money stress whatsoever 
~A full hour every single day to study the gospel 
~Having a cirlce of friends no matter what (District) 

Hanging out with my District

~No cell phones. You have to be where your feet are 
~That tremendous leap in your heart when someone says "Yuan yi!" (I'm willing to keep that commitment!) 
~Looking out over people at sacrament meeting and seeing how I could help them 
~The expanded perspective I have of people's infinite potential and worth 
~Having something to do everyday 
~Being with people long enough and knowing them well enough to see them change 
~Looking out at the view from my 10 story apartment 
~Having people come to me for help 
~Feeling useful (translating,connections with people, giving others comfort) 
~No concern about impressing anyone ever 
~No occasion to compare 
~Getting away with outfit repeating 
~Living an incredibly simple lifestyle--eat, teach, sleep, repeat 
~That familiar stab of longing for home--It's good--deepens my love for friends and family 
~Making the best of friends in a far away place 

~Finding the tiniest windiest roads and the most clever shortcuts 
~Understanding the Atonement better 
~The peace the underlies my everyday life 
~Daily feeling of accomplish/progression 
~Being a part of a cause--the greatest and noblest cause of them all 
~Being interconnected at church 
~Biking around--stopping at fruit markets and buying the most random fruit 

We found this store that sells owls and bracelets!

~Getting up early in the morning--we get to see the sunrise 
~Having something to look forward to every week--P DAY 

Taroko Gorge! One of the Worlds most famous parks! 

~The magic of a letter from far away 
~Every day an adventure 

Wild Monkey!

We found Paradise!


~Looking at all the beautiful flowers and ponds outside of people's houses 
~How involved we get into the culture since we're in the homes and talking to them about deep things every day 
~When an investigator understands a principle you teach 
~Saying first prayers EVER with people 
~When they feel the Spirit 
~Seeing miracles literally every single day 
~Seeing how following commandments actually brings blessings (in my own life and the lives of others) 
The list is to be continued! 
I love you all! 
Sister Tracy 

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