Sunday, May 11, 2014

(Mother's Day Edition): Mu Qin Jie Kuai Le! Birthweek and so much more- May 11, 2014

Mother! I love you! Happy Mother's Day! 
Also DAD totally meant to tell you this on Skype yesterday but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I thought about you all day, no worries. I also ate cake in your honor. 
It was great to Skype you all. And Stephen, I love you haha. I am sorry you got the end of the call but know that I love love love you and Tiffany and talking to Rylee on the phone was the highlight of my life because I have never really ever talked to her before. I told everyone at church that I got to talk to my niece for the first time and I asked advice on what to buy her for a "taiwan gift" ;) 

So this last week pretty much rocked because it was my companion's birthday. We have a tradition here that if you are companions with me, we are celebrating your birthWEEK. So basically all week we partied and spread the Gospel at the same time. We bought my companion crocs so that her feet wouldn't die in the rain, ate Mexican food with investigators, went to Hot Pot with an LA family, our investigator made us cake as a surprise, the sisters in the apartment bought a super nice cake, a member bought us cake and took us out to eat at our member referral's restaurant, we ate mochi and gave out like 10 Books of Mormon to tourists from Mainland, and we had fun doing it all. Happy birthweek to my lovely companion, Sister Williams :) 

Happy Birthday Sister Williams!

My wonderful companion!

So we have a baptism this Friday! Wayne!!!!!!!!! Wayne came in contact with the church through English class and he loves this Gospel. The priesthood power and blessings that the priesthood bring to families is what he's most into. He is going to be an amazing priesthood holder. And his family isn't so interested in our message...yet. But we have faith. Please pray for him 


Li Shi Hao is smoking 1 cigarette a day. We are going to try having him smoke on and off day by day. HE IS SO CLOSE. Pray for him. 
We have 2 awesome investigators getting baptized in 2 weeks. A mom and a daughter. They live up in the mountains. I LOVE BIKING TO THEIR HOUSE. Its an epic adventure. We pass through all these farmlands. Ill take pics. 
Also our new investigator is this famous person from Hualien with a famous BBQ corn place. We knocked into him. He gave us free corn and it was the best thing I've ever eaten. Look up BBQ Corn Hualien Taiwan on google and I'm sure you will be able to find him. His name is Lin Shang Zhe. He is like the cake boss of Taiwan. 

This mission is an adventure! Best thing I've ever done in my life! 

Mother's Day activity--a few of the men in our ward did a dance to Mamma Mia dressed as women lol!  

I love you all..especially you, Mom. 
Sister Tracy 

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