Monday, May 26, 2014


Hola familia and pengyous

This last week was crazy interesting for a few reasons.

1. We had an earthquake again and I am starting to develop a real phobia of them. For some reason everytime we have an earthquake, I am always in a super tall high up building. We had a 6.5 earthquake the other morning during studies and we live on the 10th floor sooooo, it was really shaky. I was in the kitchen grabbing a snack and it started to shake. A few glass cups fell from the cupboard, luckily am a ninja so I grabbed them before they hit the ground but after I started to realize it was earth-quaking I freaked out and dropped the cups--they shattered--and I hid under my comps bed. It was hard to come back out after cuz I was waiting for the aftershock so I just proceeded to finish my studies under her bed...I dont like earthquakes.

2. Another bucket list item checked off. Lately, I’ve been looking through this bucket list I made in my journal awhile ago and I decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help me check some off. Well...miracles happen, people. We were at an investigators house and the mom came out with a bowl of coconuts with bendy straws in them. Bucket list item #67 is drink juice from a coconut with a bendy straw. God knows me.

3. We have this adorable investigator named Zhang An Fu. He is like 60 plus years old. I think I talked about his last week. He calls us a lot and asks how we are doing. Its so adorable. Whats not adorable, however, is that he keeps calling us at like 2 in the morning. But another miracle is that I figured out how to turn our ghetto phone on silent! hooray!

4. Cool random experience from this last week. We are working really close with this kid named Zhang Yu Yao. He is a less active MelchezidePriesthood holder about 19 years old. He didnt come to church again so I called him up and said, "Hey, we missed you. Where were you?" He said, "I had work." I said.."So...?" He paused for a second then said, "Sister Tracy,can I ask you a question?" "Yeah, whats up" "Why does it matter so much to you whether or not I come to church? Why? You put so much effort into this? Its a waste of time isnt it?" I paused for a second and I cannot explain what came over me (The spirit) and I got really stern and said, "I know you dont feel it all the time but as a representative of Jesus Christ I am here to tell you that Heavenly Father loves YOU. I feel it all the time and it is something you need to feel too. Zhang Yu Yao, I will not give up until you are able to feel it too." He paused for awhile and then said, "Sister Tracy I will be there next week." Then he hung up the phone. I know that God lives and that He wants us to know that He LOVES US. Thats what He wants. I feel it all the time. When I am out on the street contacting, when I am sitting in sacrament looking out at people, when I am trying to help out my companion. What a special opportunity it is to feel that so often as a missionary. Let us not forget how much our Father in Heaven loves us.
I love you all :)

Sister Tracy

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