Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rain Rain go away- May 5, 2014

HELLO FAMILIA [Father's Editorial Note: she is apparently in the "Little Seattle" (note the rain) Spanish-speaking region of Taiwan now] AND PENG YOUS 

This last week was ROUGH. The rainy season is here! We've also had a ton of earth quakes!  It's been warm and muggy and POURING rain every single day. Contacting has been a success though because lots of people see us and say, "How pitiful! Come inside and eat something!" So that's good. 

We met with a lot of LA less active priesthood holders this last week. My favorite new person is this man named Yang Yin Wei. The elders usually meet with him but they passed him over to us because he's in our area now. I called him up and he has the softest voice ever, it was almost frightening. We show up at his house and he lives in a MANSION. And what's best is he waited for us outside in the rain and when we came in on our bikes he SPRINTED up to us and put umbrellas over our heads. Also, he wore a suit that day because he knew we were coming over. He fed us fruits and chocolates and showed us his trophies for golf (he has a lot) and all his family photos. HE IS GREAT! We finally sat down with him and shared a lesson on sacrament and church and asked him to bare his testimony about Christ. At the end we asked him why he hasn't been at church for awhile. He started to cry and explained that his wife would need to take him but she doesn't want to wake up early and go. He said, "I want to go. I know I need to go." The Spirit hit me soooo strong, THIS MAN NEEDS TO COME BACK TO CHURCH. I will not rest until I get this man to church! 

Friday night we still had about an hour until we needed to head home so we decided to go visit a member. It was pouring rain, really muggy, dark, and we were not really in the best of spirits. I lead the way and we were biking up this huge hill and once we got to the top I suddenly realized we were completely lost and I had no idea where we were. I looked at the map and realized that I had lead us in the completely opposite direction of where we needed to go. I was sopping wet, all of my papers and bag were too. Not to mention I fell off my bike into a puddle so that was great. I turned to my companion and apologized for completely wasting time. She didn't say anything at first so I thought she was mad. As guilt quickly started to creep into my mind my companion said, "This is the most beautiful part of Taiwan I've seen yet." I suddenly looked around and saw all the trees and a really pretty view of the canal. Ahead was an empty road lined up with trees with mountains in the backdrop. Sister Williams said, "Sister Tracy we prayed before coming out here. And God wouldn't send us out here for no reason. I think this is a tender mercy. It is so beautiful up here. It reminds me of Utah too." She was right! As we were biking down the hill back to home I felt the spirit so strongly looking out at the beauty of this island. This is a special place and a special work. I think God wanted us to get lost so that we could recognize that better. He wanted us to know how proud He is of us. I know this is true because I felt it. I'm so thankful for my companion for recognizing God's hand in our lives. 

Everyone ought to take a moment say a prayer, ask God to help you better recognize His hand in your life. He will show you. Sometimes He will show you through other people. 

Pictures from my Pday last week.  We went to Taroko Gorge. So Amazing!

Here are some pictures from the water cave there:

I love you all!

Sister Tracy


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