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Hello from 鐘恩曦- August 4, 2014

Nimen Hao!

Well here are the latest updates:

~I moved!!!!!  I really, really, really miss Hualien. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life and I really miss the people. Such a privilege to have served with such amazing people and to have seen such amazing miracles...But I didn’t feel too bad leaving because I know that I will be back one day!

I will miss Sister George

I Will Miss these people so much!

I will Miss them all so much!

~I moved from the country to the city! I am in Xin-Dian! It’s really close to Taipei in North Western Taiwan. It’s different...but thankfully, I have experience because I was in JiLong for awhile my street contacting techniques are coming back to me ha-ha.

~We’ve taken on a challenge. This transfer they have temporarily shut down the Elders’ area so we are in charge of working with all of their RCs and LAs and investigators. Plus we need to find in their area. Elders should be coming in next transfer so we need to maintain 2 different areas...pray for us ha-ha. But it should be good! We’ve already seen miracles left and right. And we both love exploring this place and finding new people to share the gospel with. The key is DON’T GIVE UP. Last Saturday it took us 90 contacts until we found a miracle new investigator! Don’t get discouraged if you get rejected the first 89 times. KEEP GOING. You’ll see miracles. Missionary work is like a treasure hunt ha-ha.

~The members here are BOMB. Seriously super-duper awesome and excited about missionary work. I love their fire!

Taking the train to Xin-Dian!

~I GOT MY FIRST NATIVE COMPANION! FINALLY. Her name is Sister Fan. She is 23 and she’s from Gao Xiong. She is a rock star. She got baptized about 2 years ago. Her family doesn’t support her being out here. They don’t talk to her at all. It’s really sad, but she has an amazing attitude about it! She writes her mom and brother cards every week and bears her testimony. She also took all her family names to the temple. We pray together every day that her family will accept the Gospel in God’s time. She’s also just a really good people person. She’s been on her mission for only 4 transfers but when we serve together it feels like much longer because she’s a pro! Also she’s super hilarious. I LOVE HER.

Sister Fan and I

It’s a little tiring speaking Chinese more often now. I haven’t spoken a lick of English in the past 36 hours (my companion doesn’t speak any English). Plus there are a lot of times I’m not quite sure what she’s exactly saying...BUT it’s actually real good because its forcing me to focus. So in the end its actually really awesome :)

Also, she is showing me a whole different side of the culture. Turns out, living with a Taiwanese is a lot different than going to church with one. I’m learning that if you learn to be open minded and just accept the culture it’s super fun!

I guess I say all of this because before moving here I was told by a few different people that having a native companion was a bad experience. Not gonna lie I was scared at first when I found out I had a native companion. But as I’ve been keeping this gratitude journal every day and studying the words of Moroni in chapter 7 about charity...I’ve been learning that we have full control over our situations. We have the Atonement of Jesus Christ and gratitude to brighten our lives and change our perspectives. Ultimately we have prayer and our Heavenly Father. He will comfort us. He will allow us to feel more love for others and to be grateful in our situations. I am so thankful for this mission because its opened my eyes to these things in a special, unforgettable way.
Love you all!
Sister Tracy

p.s. I always told myself that I would let my first native companion give me a Chinese here’s what Sister Fan picked:
鐘恩曦 (Zhong En Xi) (Pronounced Jhong Un She)
So En-Xi is my first name. It means "A gift of daylight" :)

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