Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Talk to everyone!- August 18, 2014

Last week was pretty good!


Monday: I went to the zoo! Met a lady from Singapore and got her number and referred her to the missionaries in her area, super cool experience. Also I got to see orangutans and camels and PANDAS...no sloths...but that’s okay. Also I found out in a very embarrassing way that I have been saying "naked bodies" instead of "camel" in Chinese for about over a year now.

Tuesday: we went to the temple and gave temple tours! something I haven’t done in a very long time! we had an awesome lesson about the MelchezidePriesthood with our RC. We had a missionary couple from America help us give the tour. Shout out to the Petersens! They had such an impact on him! Shout out to the Priesthood brethren!

Wednesday: It POURED rain. Like typhoon status. But we still went out and saw miracles. We saw a man with crutches fall down in the middle of the street and we went to save him. We carried his groceries and helped him limp all the way back to his house. We had a 45 minute walk/conversation with him and ended up setting up to meet with him again. A little act of service can go a long way. Also English class was boss. Lots of members showed up, yay!
Thursday: I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I was hearing a noise in our kitchen. FREAKED out because I thought it was a thief. So I said a quick prayer and grabbed a frying pan and sat in my bed. My companion woke up and screamed because she thought I was going to attack her ha-ha. I told her I heard something outside in our kitchen. So we both got up and went out and saw a RAT on the floor. I flipped out and smacked it with the pan and it completely got smushed. Then we used the frying pan to grill it and eat it...

okay just kidding. no we didn’t eat it. but it was super terrifying and nasty.

Friday: We met with a super cool former from the elders old area and I learned how to make apple curry.

Saturday: all appointments fell through so we hit the streets all day and NO success until the VERY LAST person we contacted! It was so weird. We were walking down this trail and suddenly I just had this urge to stop. I don’t even know why. My companion said, "Why are you stopping?" and I said, "I don’t know." then she said, "that guy" she pointed to this guy and we talked to him. He was super cool and set up and really excited to learn more.

MIRACLES COME FROM TALKING TO EVERYONE. That’s been the main thing I learned this week. Talk to them when you least feel like talking to them. Talk to everyone and you will see miracles.

Look who is learning how to cook Taiwanese!  

More next week

Sister Tracy

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