Sunday, August 10, 2014

Not wasting a second- August 11, 2014

This past week was a week of miracles and success!

Today I brought my gratitude journal to email with me:

Monday: Sister Fan and I went on a Carrefore adventure. WOW, Carrefore is awesome! It was my first time every being in one. Its better than Costco! Plus they gave me a bunch of free taro bread samples so I was super stoked. We bought a ton of Taiwanese vegetables. I would tell you what kinds except there is no English translation...

My new Planner I bought and decorated!  (Me on the right, Sister Fan on the left!)  

Tuesday: Had dinner with this really nice LA and her son. She is ready to go back to church. It was really cool. She told us that she stopped going to our church for a while and went to a few others but realized that the same spirit wasnt there. We also met with our baptismal investigator Lin Jia Qing...he is super ready to be baptized. He is also quitting smoking. He can do it! Ive seen it done!

Wednesday: Went on an emergency exchange with the Sister Training Leaders because the Liahona people wanted to interview my companion. Look for Sister Fan in the next Liahona!!!!! Shes famous. Sister Bywater and I saw a TON of miracles. Particularly at English class. Two college-aged girls came to English class for the first time. At class I was sharing a message about the Book of Mormon. After class they came up to me and said, "Can you tell us more?" "Ummm Yes..." Luckily enough our WM Leader was there too so he sat in on the lesson and helped us teach a brief lesson on the Book of Mormon. We invited them to set a date and they said okay! Our WM Leader was blown out the window. Yesterday during Ward Council he testified that English Class was the bomb and every member needed to go so we can invite more people to come unto Christ. Awesome.

Thursday: We trekked up a SUPER steep and long hill. (Exploring the Elders area) and as we were making our ascent we crossed paths with a young woman and helped her carry her bike to the top of the hill. She was really grateful. We talked about the Gospel with her and she is willing to be baptized as well. It would have been really easy to just be like..."Im too tired to talk to anyone" BUT NO. We need to talk to everyone!!!! You never know!

Friday: A member gave me avocado with honey...surprisingly really good. Also we got to go to temple tour training and it was cool cuz I got to see a bunch of people that I love :)including my trainee (who is training!) and my trainer (who is also training) and my trainers trainer. We got a family picture together.  Also it was Fathers Day in Taiwan. Happy Fathers Day, Dad!!!!

Saturday: In the morning we ran to the park and crossed paths with a bunch of Amas (Grandmas) dancing to Gangham Style. Our workout from that day was from laughing so hard. Also,we met with the bishop and he let me feed his pet squirrel that he and his wife rescued. Also it started thunder-storming on the way to their house and we were biking in the middle of it. It was super epic!

Sunday: Miracles! Lots of people came to church! Also we have the best ward I’ve ever been to in my life. At ward council everything was just super organized and the members just knew what was up. Also, Bishop and our WM Leader bore testimony about English class and got members to sign up and help us. We are going to see fruits of blessings harvest from the work of these members. I feel so blessed. 

Today we are going to the zoo!!!!! YAY!!!

Also, every day I feel more and more blessed to be working with my awesome companion. It is the opportunity of a life time. 

The other day a woman on the street told me I was wasting my time being out here. Though in the moment I just smiled and told her, "Have a nice day," my heart was pounding for a moment because I got really mad. Sister Fan put her arm around me and said, "Dont worry, you're not wasting a second." I know what my companion says is true. I look back on all of the friends Ive made, miracles Ive seen, trials overcome, laughs Ive had...yeah...nothing I’d rather be doing right now. 

I love you all 
My Beautiful City!

Sister Tracy

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