Sunday, September 21, 2014

My heart is here!- September 22, 2014

Hey there friends and fam!

So here's the update: I am still here in Xin Dian and I'm still livin it up with the natives! My new companion is Sister Wu. She's from GaoXiong and she ROCKS. This is her 8th transfer but it feels like she's been serving for a long time because she's a super duper stellar hard worker. Which is cool because I prayed really hard for Heavenly Father to send me a super hard working companion and He did! We're gonna tear it up together/we already have. Because of some leadership stuff I found out Im going to be with Sister Wu in Xindian for the next two transfers...probably going to finish my mission here with her. YAY!!!!!! :) 

This week was a little slower missionary work wise because we were in the process of moving apartments. Our old apartment got bought out, so I got to experience first hand what its really like to move....and it’s the most annoyingly tedious thing in the world. BUT I learned a lot of life skills and got some character building. Plus I lifted a fridge. And I can install a water filter. and I put together a washing machine using a Chinese instruction manual...I still have no idea how I accomplished that...miracles happen on this mission. I like our new apartment though, its a work in progress but its a good location and were making it a cozy sister missionary apartment. Also we live right across the street from an RC so thats super convenient. Last Sunday morning I literally stuck my head out of the the window and yelled "Sister Lin! Good morning! Are you ready to go to church???" Haha. Its super fun. And we live by this really pretty hiking trail area so we get to run through that in the mornings. 

Missionary work wise...pretty good stuff. We visited a lot of the members so that Sister Wu could get to know the leadership. Also visited a ton of LAs. Sister Wu is really good at working with LAs. Im learning a lot from the way she teaches. She is a very simple teacher and bares powerful testimony. Shes good at gaining peoples trust and being their friends. Its awesome. We have a few really awesome investigators who are progressing really well. And our RCs are being very welcomed by the ward. 

Im a happy missionary. I think I’ve finally reached the point in my mission where I’m really content. I feel like I could keep serving for another year and be happy. My heart is here.

Short email today sorry. Just not much to say other than I am really really happy here. :)

Sister Tracy

P.s. Sister Wu is friends with the Asian missionary in Mercer Island ward!!!!!!!!! Super random. He just sent her a picture and in the back was our ward building lol. small Mormon world!

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