Monday, September 1, 2014

Spiritual births and physical deaths- September 1, 2014


I dont have a lot of email time today, we got back late from eating lunch/dinner with our district and playing frisbee. Here are a few thoughts about things that happened last week:

~Sister Zhao passed her baptismal interview! She is going to be baptized this Sunday. She is the wife of one of our RCs. She has come a really long way. My favorite moment with her is one week she didn’t come to church because she was really tired and in a bad mood. The next day went to her house and visited her and she told us that she had felt really bad about not going to church. She said that she wanted to feel better and she remembered the story about Alma the Younger that we taught and it made her want to repent. She said, "It’s cool. I felt a lot better after repenting. You Sisters really are God's representatives!" She rocks :)
I love teaching
I let these little girls play with my hair
This is how they did my hair!  

~Samantha, another one of our investigators is getting her interview this Saturday and will be baptized next week. She is an awesome friend and her testimony is really strong. I hope she can start school at BYU with me this winter. 

~Memorial service for the two elders who died was this week. The whole mission came together to celebrate their lives. They were two really strong Elders. They worked really, really hard. They really inspire me to not waste a second on this mission. 

Transfers are next week. I am probably going to stay in Xindian. I hope I stay here for the rest of my mission. I really like it here. The members are my best friends. :)

Love you all!
Sister Tracy

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