Sunday, September 28, 2014

Simple Testimony- September 29, 2014

Hey everybody!

This last week was pretty busy, like all other weeks. But good!

I met this couple and they use to live on MERCER ISLAND!  

Fun Relief Society Activity

Teaching investigators-wise things have been a little slower...we have a few really awesome progressing investigators. They read the Book of Mormon every day and pray about its truthfulness every day...but still haven't really gotten an answer. Its been making me a little bit nervous. The other day during studies I was reading the Book of Mormon and thinking to myself, "Have I really received a witness that this Book is true?" "Can I really promise my investigators that they'll receive a witness?" I said a few honest prayers and asked Heavenly Father and then I felt a peaceful feeling come over me. I flipped through my study journal and found an entry from a LONG time ago, back in October 2013 the day before President Monson made the announcement about the mission age change.  

It says: "I finished the Book of Mormon today. I prayed about it...I know it's true."

That one simple sentence hit me soooooo hard. Suddenly all the doubt I was feeling previously just washed away and I felt a real confirmation that the Book of Mormon is indeed true. It is the word of God. 

It is soooo important that we keep records of our testimony! If it weren't for that short journal entry I wrote almost 2 years ago I wouldn't have had this experience. EVERYBODY KEEP A JOURNAL. And don't forget your faith!

I know my investigators will receive a confirmation. I must have faith in that.


Special request: PLEASE pray for the 31 missionaries waiting on their VISAs. If we dont get new missionaries by mid-October they are going to have to close down a few areas. This Fast Sunday please fast for them!!!

Look who I met up with on a wonderful hike?  My Trainer!  

So fun to see these girls again!  

I love you all. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. 

Sister Tracy

p.s. please no one die of e-coli poisoning 

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