Monday, April 7, 2014

There really is a God - April 7, 2014

Hey Hey Hey 
How goes it? 
P.s. I got that awesome surprise package from the MI young women this week. THANK YOU! such an awesome surprise :) 
Wow what a stellar week! Here's what I have to report... 
Deng Kai Sheng is a rockstar! We met with him last week to talk about the priesthood (since were trying to build up a stake we gotta get him on that). So we planned out this lesson and were gonna invite him to meet with our Branch president and read certain scriptures about the priesthood and everything. We met with him and he already had the Aaronic priesthood! He was like, "The night after I got baptized I went over to President's house for an interview" oh and he already read all of the exact scriptures we were gonna ask him to read. What a man! Also he's been helping out a lot of the other missionaries by pei ke-ing (being the member present) and apparently he is like the best peike ever. Watch out everyone--Kai Sheng is going to be the next prophet! 
Sister Williams and I had a lot of contacting time this past weekend. We picked a road the night before and prayed really hard that we would be able to find people. Well we found 4 new investigators!!! All willing to set a date! 

-A man named Yang Di first he completely shut us down. He was like "There is no God" We told him about the Book of Mormon and how he can know who God is though reading it. He took the Book of Mormon in his hand and was like, "really?" it took me back for a sec. I was like, "uhh, yeah." Then he said, "Hm..I will try it." It was awesome! 

-The other was this young girl named Wu Xing Rong. Shes about 14 years-old and she is adorable. We had a lesson with her at her doorstep. Her mom pulled up on a scooter and [to us] said, "Don't waste your time on her. She's too young and doesn't understand what you are saying." Xing Rong started to cry and we shared a scripture about how "even a child can understand" and how God wants us to humble ourselves "like children." She was really touched by those words. I have a lot of faith in her. The mission is really teaching me a lot of what kind of parent I want to be. I do not want to be the parent who says my child cannot understand God. 

-We ran into a father and his daughter on the way to play basketball. We invited them to church and yesterday--THEY CAME! :) So excited! Turns out the daughter's classmate is in our ward. Super cool. And her dad loves our church too. He wants her to keep going to church with us. He told us yesterday, "I want her to go because I want her to be like you two." I told him, "I think you mean you want her to be like Christ." He was like, "Hmm, yeah I guess so." You guessed right my friend. 

Lastly, I would like the share a special experience I had this last week. Probably the most tender experience I have had on my mission so far. We were biking to an appointment on Friday night. It was one of those nights where I was the classic exhausted, wet missionary. Not in the mood to talk to anyone but knew I needed to. We were at a stop light and I saw this small, 40 yr old lady next to me. I put on smile and said, "Hello" She looked at me and nodded and half smiled. I said "How is your day going?" Expecting her to say what EVERYONE SAYS "Not bad" or "Good." She looked at me for a few seconds in silence then said "Actually, today is bad." She started crying and I was like..whoooooosh! suddenly my problems did not mater whatsoever and it felt like the only thing that mattered was this woman. Sis. Williams and I pulled over and talk to her. She said that her older sister had to get emergency surgery that night and that she was terrified. I offered to say a prayer for her and her sister. Afterward I pulled out a pamphlet and pointed to a picture of Christ and told her "His Gospel will fix everything." She took the pamphlet and said, "I want to meet with you girls. I feel like I need this." So cool. There really is a God. 

Sister Williams and I shopping 

I ate some stinky Tofu!  It was awful!

This is where we live!  So pretty!

Awesome week. More awesomeness to come right? RIGHT! I love you all 
Sister Tracy 

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