Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter- April 20, 2014

Cool things: 
~Xuan Yu and Yu Mama (my Recent converts from JiLong) totally took a road trip down to Hualien to visit me! They surprised me! It was sooo awesome! They showed up at a ward party we were having and brought me all this guava and my favorite candies and pictures and cards and stuff. It was so awesome. I felt real bad that I couldn't really hang out with them but they came to Church with me and they are both really strong in the Gospel. They are doing super well. Xuan Yu is going to go through the temple soon. I am hoping she will let me go with her. That would be so cool :) 

My RCs from JiLong  came and visited! 

~Xing Rou is getting baptized this week!!!! This Tuesday is her interview and Saturday is her baptism! She is doing so well. That girl is a prepared soul.

~We set up a lot of May baptismal dates with some awesome people. :)
~Our new investigator's dad sells mochi and they give us free mochi every time we come over (God knows me).
Xie Jia ting..and LA family we are reactivating!

~OH SUPER COOL THING: Elder Wilson from the Quorum of the 70 ( a general authority in our Church) came down to Hualien with his wife. They are doing a mission tour. We had this really awesome training about the power of the Book of Mormon, They really want us to focus on getting investigators, RCs, LAs, like..everyone reading the Book of Mormon more. It's an important tool for conversion. I've been learning more and more about that every day. It's true. I look back at all of the people I have helped bring to  the step of baptism...all of them were reading the Book of Mormon daily and had a testimony about it. SOOOO that's our big focus. Their training was really inspiring.
~ALSO SUPER COOL. Elder Wilson wanted to interview 5 missionaries based off of random inspiration and guess who was + 4 others. It was a really cool interview. I showed Elder Wilson all of my family photos and he was really interested in our story (I shared about Ryan and Michelle and everyone) He asked me what he could do to help me. I didn't expect him to ask that. I thought for a second and I said, "I want to be wise. I want to know the scriptures better so I can help people with their problems like King Solomon." He gave me a bunch of cool tips for making a scripture memory bank and retaining scriptures. He challenged me to memorize a scripture a day and keep a list somewhere. He said he was going to do it too. So that was neat. 
Sophies baptism! 

This next week will be really eventful. We got Pday today (we might go hiking up to a cave so I'm stokeddddd) then tomorrow and Wednesday we have exchanges. Thursday and Friday we'll be in Taipei for a trainer follow-up meeting. And thennnnn Saturday we have a baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then Sunday I am going to celebrate Easter because by then I'll have my package and I can eat chocolate (there's not a lot of focus on Easter in Taiwan, unfortunately). YAYYYYYY HAPPY EASTER! 
We found a banana tree while contacting!

Sister Tracy

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