Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy Dragon Boat Festival!- June 2, 2014

Today is the Dragon Boat Festival! We went to the lake and watched a bunch of dragon boat races and ate zhong zi! (Rice triangles with good surprises inside) 

We are going to the lake!

It is HOT here in Hualien! June has arrived! Not much time to type today but here is a cool miracle I would like to share:

 2 weeks ago we met with an LA about our age named Zhang Yu Yao. Hhas really good potential to get the Melchezidek priesthood soon. So weve been working with him a lot. When we met with him we had this awesome lesson about receiving revelation at church. The Spirit was felt for sure. At the end of the lesson he goes, "Sister Tracy Sister Williams, Im sorry, but I cant meet with you two anymore. I cant go to church anymore. I dont need help." Then he walked out. After Wayne not getting baptized, Peikes fanging us, and now THIS I was soooooooo disheartened. Like for realz, what the heck! This whole past week Ive been pretty bitter about it. I pretty much gave up on him for a few days. One day after another investigator bailed on us I just sat down on the chapel floor and said to my comp, "I think I'm devloping trust issues." She told me, "Sister Tracy, what do we tell our investigators when they are down? Have faith!" So I decided my companion was right. From that day on I prayed every day for Zhang Yu Yao, in every prayer. Id call him and still nothing would happen but it was okay. Well, yesterday after Sunday School I get up to walk out the door and right in front of my face is Zhang Yu Yao in a suit and tie with a big smile on his face. I flipped out. He came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He came he came, he came!!!!!!!!!!! He said, "are you happy to see me?" Duh! It's the best feelng ever to have prayers answered. Its not always easy to put forward the faith but the miracles are certainly worth it. 

n other news:

~I have a knee injusry and had to stay inside for a day :( But on the upside I reorganized the whole area book. 

~We got free Taro cake from a member

~We have a miracle investigator form English class

~Zhang Fu didn’t smoke AT ALL today!

~I was punched in the face by a drunk homeless man

~I got to hold the cutest puppy ever

~I have the best companion ever

~We ditched a few of our other investigators who werent progressing and went knocking and got rejected a lot......but its okay! there are souls out there who are ready to hear this message. Its just a hard treasure hunt is all!

~We did an awesome FHE anaology on patience and I shoved taro cake in my face. There may or may not be photos on FB....

They eat live fish and live shrimp
Yes, some of us tried it!

A live shrimp!!!!

I love you all!

Sister Tracy

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