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A week of charity- November 24, 2014

I'm Studying my Chinese!

Hey everyone. Thank you so much for the emails and letters of encouragement :) I love you. 

So obviously last week was really rough, BUT thanks to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, I was able to jump a huge hurdle and figure things out. This week was a lot better. After reading Preach My Gospel Chapter 6 on how to Develop Christlike Attributes I decided to make a goal of developing more charity. This has changed everything about how I go about doing missionary work. I made a goal that this last week, I would not focus on trying to have a lesson with someone or just going through the motions of teaching/street contacting...I made a decision to constantly ask myself this question, "How would Christ do this?"--"How would Christ make this bike contact?" "How would Christ talk to this struggling mom?" "How would Christ treat the man smoking on the side of the road?" It all came down to--He would love them. It all came down to love. As I kept Christ on my mind this week I was able to love everyone and listen to them and just BE HAPPY. I absolutely LOVED doing missionary work this week and it's because I made a conscious effort to follow Jesus Christ. I know He is my Savior. I know He is the perfect example. I know that its only through following Him that we are able to find happiness. 

I invite you all to try this experiment out with me. Develop more charity. PMG lists these attributes of a person with charity. Commit these to memory, strive to develop them and you will be so much happier.

Strive to:

1. have a sincere desire for the welfare and happiness of others
2. pray for the pure love of Christ
3. try to understand other's feelings
4. always forgive others
5. help those who are sad/struggling
6. tell others you love them
7. look for opportunities to serve
8. say only positive things about others
9. be kind and patient with others
10. find joy in others achievements

On that note...I love you all!

Sister Tracy 

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