Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween! November 3, 2014

This week was good! Lol i feel like I just emailed you all since my pday was last Wednesday. 

Sister Wu and I last Wednesday at the Temple

Im going to keep this email short because I've got some other stuff I gotta do today BUT I can share a quick miracle:

An RC from a past area came and visited me recently. By the time I left this area my companion and I had taught all of the lessons to her and had invited her to baptism multiple times. She always refused. To my surprise, shortly after I left the area I got an email from a member saying "She got baptized this week!" and attached a picture of my RC. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy! Well when she visited me last week I asked her, "What happened? Why did you decided to be baptized?" She told me that she would email me the story. I thought I would share it with you all (p.s. She typed this in english. Her English is awesome)

Dear Sister Tracy,

nice to see you in Xindian last Sunday! I was so happy to have this chance!

You asked me why I finally joined the church. Well, I have to admit, it is not because our church is the only true church, nor we have the living prophet (so I still confuse about why I can pass the interview……) It is due to the holy spirit. It worked on me.

All began with the Alma 32:27-42. It is said that we should try to plant our faith in our heart and to cultivate it carefully. And the first thing we need to do is action, just like doing a experiment. So as I did. I read the scriptures (Bible and BoM) and prayed everyday, and step by step, I felt something started to change inside my soul, but I didn’t know what have changed.

The more I did (readthe scriptures and pray), the more desire I had. I became more and more eager for getting closer and closer to Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. I realized I should do something. But I still struggled and resisted it. I didn’t know why. When Sister Zippro asked me to set my baptism date and interview date, I refused, and told her I need to consider it well. I went home and pray for it. I was so surprised that God comforted me and eased my misgivings. So I set the dates one week later. But when I passed the baptism interview, I still refused it. I didn’t give the paper to sisters till the next day. It was Gu dixiong encouraged me to make the decision. No kidding, when I told my parents that I will have a baptism soon, I even hoped that they could refused it, and commanded me do not meet the sisters anymore. But unfortunately it didn’t happen. I was so shocked because I knew that my parents didn’t like me to go to the church and insisted in our traditional religion. Even the day before the baptism day, Sister Miller asked me the feeling, I told her ”I don’t know. I feel so strange and so uneasy. I doubt that I made a right decision.” She suggested me that I should try to put myself in God, let him help me to get out of this feeling. So as I did, and then received the baptism next day.

It was 按手禮 (sorry I don’t know this term in English) which ended the strange feeling. I knew that I’m belong to Jesus Christ after the rituals. It gives me strength and helps me to overcome the problems what I meet in the reality or in the spirutual life. Although I still meet the challenges now, I know everything will be fine if we keep laying our faith on him. He came, preached the gospel, and then crucified in order to set us free from the sin and to be free in the truth. I know this is true.

Hope this helps!!


All I really have to add is that I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW if anyone wants to find truth it is through daily reading and praying and pondering. I know God will answer His children. I've seen it in the lives of others and in my own. 
I ran into my first companion from the MTC!

Love you all!
Oh and happy halloween!
(I completely forgot about Halloween :( )

Love Sis Tracy

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