Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christ is the reason- November 17, 2014

So not gonna lie, this past week was probably one of the roughest weeks of my mission. Just a lot of things tested my faith this week. 

One being: we have an investigator who was supposed to get baptized next Saturday. We spent the majority of this past week getting her ready: teaching her the rest of the lessons, took her to Yi Lan for a stake activity, she passed her baptismal interview and everything. Last night after a lesson our investigator called us crying telling us that her parents were arguing. Apparently her father extremely opposes her getting baptized. We went over to her house to talk to the mom. When we got there our 11-year-old investigator was sitting on the doorstep in the rain crying. I've never felt more discouraged in my life.

I got super sad last night because...I guess stuff like this has just been happening for the past 2 months. Baptisms getting so close but falling through last minute, no one willing to set up with us, people not keeping commitments. And we've been working super hard, non stop. Ive never worked harder in my mission. I guess last night was kind of the final straw for me. I told Sister Wu I felt like my faith was dwindling. 

God answered my desperate prayers through my companion, Sister Wu. After I told her what was going through my mind she just looked at me and...I dont even know how to explain it but then she just said everything I needed to hear. She spoke with the Spirit. She reminded me that no effort is wasted out here. Even though our investigator wouldn't get baptized anytime soon, she reminded me of all the good we've done for her. We helped her meet people in the ward, we did service for her mom, we helped her know how to pray (which she does every day now). She reminded me that were here to do what Christ would do. That's all this mission is about. She asked, "Do you feel that you help people the way Christ would?" I said, "Yes." "Then your efforts are not wasted."

I love my companion. I love that God answers our prayers through others. Despite my doubts and my feelings of distress, I know that this church is true. I know that I am not wasting time out here. I know that faith is the power. Love is the motive. The spirit is the key. And Christ most certainly is the reason. 
Outing to the Museum!

Sister Tracy

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