Sunday, June 15, 2014

My heart will always be in HuaLie- June 16, 2014

Hey all!

#1 Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I wrote you a letter! You should be getting it next week assuming the mail system goes smoothly. For all those that dont already know--I have the best dad in the world! Especially after seeing all that a bishop needs to do to help the ward..I appreciate you even more! Love you Dad!

#2 Happy birthday/graduation to Mallory! I got her graduation gram. Wow, she is so awesome! You are going to have a wonderful life at BYU-I. Enjoy your summer.

#3 To all the other MIHS grads, congrats!

Not gonna lie, this last week was REALLY hard.

But here's the thing, no matter what happens, I know that in the end its all going to be okay. So its not worth it to lose faith or hope and be mopey about it. We have the Lord on our side for goodness sake. He loves us. He is called "Our Loving Heavenly Father" for a reason. He's not going to set us up for failure--He just wont! He doesnt do that!

I've learned a lot from the example of Nephi this last week. 1 Nephi 3:7 rings truer to me than it ever did before.

Our favorite family, the Xie Family!

We love this family!  

One cool miracle from this last week. After weeks of trying to contact our RC Zhang Xing Rou--the Lord placed her in our path! She realized that she really needed church and awesomely enough, she came to every single church activity this week and Sacrament Meeting! She realized that she really was not happy recently and it was cuz she was missing theGospel! She also gave us a referral from English class and she is AWESOME. We are helping her hit the goal of a July baptism. :)

Also we went to this preschool gradtuation thing and met tons of families who all comitted to come to the English party this week. WHOOOO! party!

Musical Chairs!  
Crazy thing: this is the last week of me being a trainer! Still dont know who's moving. I'm good with whatever is good for the Lord but no matter what happens my heart will always be in Hualien. I love this place like crazy and never want to leave but I know I will come back here someday. Especially since I plan on retiring here.

This huge bug thing was in our apartment 

Love you all!
Sister Tracy

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