Sunday, June 22, 2014

Year Mark List- June 23, 2014


Well quick update on my life. Transfer #8 started last Friday. Four more transfers to go. Weird. I am still in HuaLien THANK GOODNESS because I am obsessed with this place and would be perfectly fine never moving for the rest of my mission! #thisisthepromiseland. I am done with training.  Though I miss Sister Williams, the people of Zhong Li really need her right now. That’s where she got transferred.

My new companion is Sister George. SHE IS A PARTY. I love love love her. She’s from Idaho and lived in China for a few years. She went to BYU I and is an English major. She is an amazing teacher and I am sooo stoked to work with her. This is transfer #7 for her. She loves Hualien too :) Who wouldn’t?

Well, this is weird because this Thursday I hit my year mark of being a missionary. It's been such a ride already! I have learned a lot. And to prove that I have learned a lot..I made a list:

Things I have learned in the past year:

How to better use chopsticks
How to cook veggies Taiwanese style (add oil. lots and lots of oil. they don’t say 加油 for nothing!)

How to better communicate with others
How to get along with people better
How to be a better roommate
How to speak, read, write, and understand Chinese! kinda
How to properly clean a toilet
How to kill cockroaches
How to French braid
How to develop better people skills
How to more effectively preach the gospel
How to better use the Atonement in my life
How to better pray
How to play to ocerina
How to cut a pumpkin and watermelon

Somebody gave us this free watermelon!  
How to be a better future spouse, mother, member
How to ride the bustling streets of Taiwan
How to better study the scriptures
How quickly time passes by
How to stay calm in crazy situations

We parked our bikes to go knocking doors and came back to this...Some guy knocked my bike into a ditch! Ha! 

How to set and achieve goals
How to read a map
Beautiful HuaLien

How to read the bus schedule
How to be a better teacher
How to sew
How to teach English
How to fix a bike
How to carry like 100lbs of stuff on a bike
How to fight off crazy dogs
How to treat bug bites
How to eat shrimp in non-American countries
How to be flexible
How to be a better leader

How to develop patience

My Friends 

How to make curry
How to make the most of what you have
How to survive guo nian
How to better rely on the Lord
How to let things go
Buddism and Daoism
How to better respect elders and why it’s important
Rice cookers are way better than microwaves
How to be healthy
(It's okay to have a Summer Treat!)

How to invite and recognize the Holy Ghost
How to type fast...well kinda not really, cuz I’m almost out of time...yikes!

That’s the list for now. Definitely haven’t mastered any of these but its a work in progress!

We are seeing lots of miracles with our investigators! More updates to come!

Sister Tracy

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