Monday, June 30, 2014

XiaTian Daole! - June 30, 2014

Summer is here!

It is super hot. Wow. And I have an epic missionary tan. My face and 3/4 of my arms are super tan. I have a watch tan too. And part of my fingers are tan and the other part are white because of the way my hands hold the handles on my bike, ha-ha. Also got an epic croc tan going on. Oh, the life of a missoinary. Also weve been drinking smoothies like every day because we just arent in the mood to eat anything hot. The fruit here is soooo gooooooooood.

Few items of business:

Happy birthday Stephen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!email me more.

Also FAMILY! thank you for your letters. I finally got letters for all of the month of June! It was awesome! And my roommates always love the funny ads Mom sends from the catalogs. Keep em coming.

Last night we had a typhoon! It was amazing. There was sooo much intense thunder and lightning and then all of a sudden out of no where all of this wind started up and it poured rain. Woke up this morning and it was completely normal..super hot and sunny. Sometimes I forget I'm on an island in the pacific ocean. I felt like Tom Hanks from Cast Away last night. WILSON!

I love Sister George SOOOOO much! She is a PARTY that girl. She is very chill and also wants to work hard. We work realllly well in unity. The Spirit is so strong when we teach! Also she laughs at everything which always puts me in a good mood and want to laugh more. She helps me realize how beautiful the mission is. She always says, "I've never been happier in my life than when I've been on a mission." She has such a good attitude. Her attitude of gratitude really inspires me. Also, her knees have been super hurting lately. EVERYONE PRAY FOR MY COMPANION'S KNEES TO HEAL QUICKLY!

Sister George and I on the beach

We found a Puffer Fish!

Don't worry, we gave it a proper grave

speaking of knees...thank you for the prayers for my knees. My knee is feeling A LOT better lately and I can finally run again. I can feel your prayers. Thank you.

We had a lot of miracles this last week!

~We had people fang our ge zi (bail out on a lesson) last Tuesday and then suddenly I got this impression to go visit Wayne (our investigator from a few months ago who almost got baptized.) We bought him a gift of treats and biked to his house. When we got there we said a quick prayer to know what to do and say. we turned around and Wayne, his wife, and his kid were right outside! I got super nervous cuz I had no idea what to say. Finally, we went up to them and met his wife (she totally ignored us) and then she took her son and went inside. Wayne stayed out and we talked to him for a bit. Suddenly, I got this huge feeling of peace that said "He is going to be baptized. Dont worry." I told Wayne we still loved him and were not going to give up on him.

He got really quiet and said, "Why me?"

I said, "Why not you?"

Then he smiled and said, "I've been praying lately asking God whether or not He's given up on me...I guess He hasn't."

I know God doesnt ever, ever give up on us. I know God loves Wayne. I invite everyone to keep praying for him.

~Vicki and Zhang An Fu came to church yesterday! They are probably both going to get baptized next Saturday! Keep praying for them too! The gospel is changing them. It is so fantastic to see.

~After knocking for 3 hours straight and getting rejected by everyone (and spit on by an old man chewing Bin Lang)...we hit the last door on the street and BAM...God gave us an incredible new investigator named Lu Yi Lu. She is a doll. She will probably get baptized here real soon. :)
A mission Lesson at the beach!
I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday on Young Womens and how the program helped me prepare for the mission. I know that Young Womens is inspired from God. Back in middle school and high school I didnt even really want to go on a mission...but I know everything about that program..The leaders, the Personal project activities, mutual, allprepared me very well. It kept me in line. It kept me worthy. It kept me happy. It kept me on the right track and when the time came that I needed to make a decision about serving a mission, I was ready to know what to do.

The stake made this cool slideshow about some of the sister missionarys. I’m in it! check it out!

Our Zone leader lost a bet
Okay I gotta go. This mission rocks.

An old friend, Sister Brown, came to visit!

A missionary from my first district sent me this before they went home. it says "success"
I love you all!
Sister Tracy

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